Game FAQ

Hello all! This thread is a list of commonly ask questions and their responses. While this is in no way exhaustive, please consult with this FAQ before asking for further support either here in #support , in chat in the support channel, or on the issue tracker. Please note that the following may not apply to the test environment.


Q: My employees are not happy. I am loosing a lot of employees, I even raised their wages to way above industry average and increased the reserves. They are still unhappy. What is wrong?

A: Check and make sure your headquarter and infrastructure is properly sized for the amount of people employed. You can’t fit five hundred employees in a tiny office with a single toilet and keep them happy, even if you pay a lot!

Q: Does the airline awareness directly influence load factor or the amount of ticket sales?

A: Not directly, no. It influences your base route awareness for new routes.

Q: I just bid for an aircraft, someone else instantly bid higher, with the auction saying they have the highest bid. What is happening? Is it cheating? Am I paying for more than I bid?

A: Automatic bidding is a feature of our auction system. If you are outbid immediately after placing a bid, it’s likely that another bidder is using automatic bidding and has a maximum limit higher than yours. Automatic bidding is an industry wide feature available at places like eBay and government auctions across the world. See Used Aircraft Auctions for more details.

Q: When does automatic scheduling happen? For how long?

A: Automatic scheduling starts at 2:50 UTC ± 5 minutes. There is no defined end time, as the amount of routes being process varies every day. Generally you can expect anywhere from 3 to 10 hours, and as of writing, is averaging 6 hours.

Q: What is the default ticket price?

A: It is available on our old forums here (for version before beta 1.1)
As of Beta 1.1:
Economy: $70 + $0.12 per mile
Premium Economy: $90+ $0.27 per mile
Business Class: $110 + $0.7 per mile
First Class: $130 + $1.3 per mile

Q: I forgot to lease a gate for my new route. I have now leased a new gate but why do I still get an error and my route doesn’t work?

A: Please edit your route using the edit button, and immediately re-save your route. The error should now clear.

Q: I made multiple routes for my aircraft that occur on the same day. Only one of them works, and it does not schedule reliability. Sometimes it skips scheduling. How do I fix this? Can I have more than one daily route for my aircraft?

A: Treat your route as a schedule for the aircraft instead of individual routes. Putting your destination pairs into a single route for an entire day/cycle should allow it to schedule reliably. Also please ensure you have adequate time between your routes end and start time.

Q: How do I increase my credit rating?

A: Short answer: Lower your debt to asset ratio (have more assets than debts), have positive cashflow, and strong profit margins. Airline age also plays a small role.
Long answer: It’s complicated.
See How do I increase my credit rating? for more details

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