Why don't I have any passengers?

I am not making any money because there are no passengers on any of my flights, I have an awareness of 12.18%, and a route awareness of 60.09%. What gives, am I doing somthing wrong?

Have you applied a configuration to your aircraft? They look something like this

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I took the liberty to check out your airline from my GM perspective.

Your key issue in regards to having no passengers is your ticket pricing, it exceed the maximum allowed of 2X. please use the page: https://www.airlineenterprise.com/research/routes to research your routes so you can set the proper prices. If you number your flights can can enter the price per flight here: https://www.airlineenterprise.com/airline/flight_numbers_new?origin=all&destination=all

The default prices you can edit here: https://www.airlineenterprise.com/airline/ticket_prices

The normal default prices are as follows:

Secondly your reputation is really poor, try to aim for a 100% by improving the IFE on the cabins alongside with better seats where needed. Secondly improve the IFS offerings and fine tune both of these to get to the 100% for the better demand on your routes.

Finally your routes are set up as single legs, this is bound to break things overtime. Make sure you enter routes as: A-B-A for example or even A-B-C-A or A-B-A-B-A etc etc. This makes it easier to manage and it means you only have 1 route per plane and that means the game is likely to handle and schedule it all properly.

My overall advise is to experiment with the above you still have plenty of liquid capital on your airline and once you understand the systems better make sure of the ability to reset once every week and then build and well running airline with all the lessons your learned.


Thankyou, you have been very helpful.

im having the same problem, prices are set, gates are leased, all seems ready to go but i have no passengers!!

Any help would be appreciated

I can’t be of any help because I too have no passengers.

It takes a while for the reputation to land, it has now and I cycled one of your routes, so if you check now you will see it is showing pax in 2 days days time.

The other route will also show such once the automated route scheduling has been run.

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