What is the best Strategy to start?


Yesterday I founded a new airline based in AMS and I have Problems with the acount!
My Fleet:
-1 MD-11 (owned)
-1 789 (leased)
-1 A21N

I need Suggestions for the A321NEO Route and why is my First and Business Comfort reputation so bad when I chose the best IFS options?
My only Route is currently AMS-SIN (I have a premium carrier) and I use default prices but it doesn’t rlly seem to make win…
Any Suggestions how I can improve the win and the demand?


What is your reputation at?

For one you have three different fleet type and all a single aircraft. That is a huge no no when starting out. Each fleet type comes with a weekly fixed maintenance cost and with the 787 and MD-11 being larger, those maint cost are very high. I would recommend resetting and starting out with no more then 2 fleet types and several of those aircraft. Recommend you join the Discord as help is much easier and quicker there.

So I’ll be restarting for the third time on Monday. It’s a lot harder to achieve success here than over on AE, which is good. I have what I think is a good framework to work from, figured out the most profitable routes, which planes to avoid, etc. What I think is the most important key is to not burn through the $80 million you get at the beginning. You get five, essentially, sign-and-fly leases to work from initially. Get a good core of aircraft set up that way, then look in the used market for “cheaper” aircraft to use as spares.