Weekly payroll

I have a question about weekly payroll.
eg. I have 21 cabin crew and the employee site show me weekly payroll 19,300 weekly payroll + 9,660 weekly benefits + 9,660 weekly travel = 38,620 weekly
but ledger site shows me weekly payroll 143,040 + 135,000 employee training

Please explain me how does it count

thank you


Probably because the ledger is showing last friday’s costs while the employee page is updated in real-time.

Hi, I have the same problem this week. I have the same amount of employees with the same salary. So there is no problem in type of showing ledger and emloyee.
I lost more than 200.000 when I count only cabin crew :frowning:

I will have to look into it this weekend to make sure its calculating correctly

Thnak you

Found the issue that was causing this, it will be fixed for next week’s calculations.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Thank you :+1:

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