Two of my planes don't fly

I have four planes. Two of them fly normaly but two of my planes are on the ground. they don’t fly or anything. they just sit there. I have set up everything and it shows the route is fine but they won’t fly. I am losing money from this. Any ideas on how to fix it?

Could you post a screenshot of your routes page?



Ah ok, routes can’t be set up like that. Think of the routes as the schedule of the aircraft for the day, so you would need to create one route for each aircraft, i.e OSL-INN-OSL-INN-OSL for the MAX 7.

Got it! So i need a route to and from the destination? I kinda though that the plane took a flight back.

Correct. You would need to do OSL-INN-OSL for the entire round trip flight

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