Transfer Flight Issue

I am unable to Transfer aircraft I purchased for some reason. The normal blue arrow has been gray for more than 12hrs so I have two aircraft stuck in the wrong places. Any ideas or a fix?

Hi @iqonik,

In order to help us help you, please submit the relevant aircraft ID.

In this case the 2 aircraft that is stuck.

You can find this ID by enabling Debug Info and when viewing the details of the particular aircraft you are having trouble with. At the bottom of your page where the debug info is, it is listed as Obj ID.

To enable Debug Info, navigate using the nav menu at the top to About > My Account > and check the Debug Info? box under Beta Options.


Aircraft 1: User ID: 3269 Airline ID: 2052 Obj ID: 101533 System Load avg: 0.04

Aircraft 2 : User ID: 3269 Airline ID: 2052 Obj ID: 101537 System Load avg: 0.41