Total for lease pre-payment

Question I was charge $18,291,251.79 for leasing pre-payment for 5x Boeing 737-800. I‘m just curious on what all is included with that price seeing how on the leasing menu that the total due now was $661,251.79 and even when you times that by 5 it comes out to $3,306,258.95. Just wanted to make sure I was being charged the right amount

image image

I just leased another 737-800 and the total was only $142,973.36 that’s a big difference from 5x 737-800 being $18,291,251.79

You are not the first with this bug and Unkown is aware of the issue and will look into it likely this weekend, but it depends on his job.

For the moment my advice is to assign cabins after you lease them to avoid this issue.

Thank you!!

Yes noticed this at the start, all the cash reserves were gone once the leased plans were assigned.