Testing auction issue

Lost auctions after having the highest bid, it ends up charging the airline that bid before me, but what I bid for it. On the testing mod mutalines won a 737-500 for 8.2 mil, which was my bid, and if it was his bid he would have had to bid against him self. I lost a 757-200, but actually lost all the money, never recieved the aircraft. So im down 18 mil, and lost an auction I had the highest bid for, the bid being charged to the other airline.

Just to confirm, you are missing 18 million after bidding 8.2 million? And that bid/auction was successfully logged in your ledger, but yet you don’t have the aircraft added?

This sounds like the auto bidding feature, akin to eBay. You submit a bid that is lower than someone else’s max bid, but is the highest visible bid, and they instantly outbid you; your bid never actually goes through. Except the whole losing various amounts of money part.

No, let me explain. I was going to steal an auction within the last few hours as a goal. There was a company that had previously bidded. When i type in my bid that is higher, the system says that what i bid is the highest bid, but it say that I’m not the one who bid the new highest bid, instead the highest bid is still that of the airline that bid before me, and it says they are winning. Now that is an issue in of it self that one can enter a higher bid and the system says it still is the airline that bid before the new bidder. However, there is a bigger issue. They system gives my bid and makes the other airline to “bid” my bid. In reality, what ever I bid when it does this, is what the bidder before me pays for it. So if i bid, I dont win, and if i bid, the airline before me ends up paying what i was willing to pay. So it charges them more than they bid for without them knowing. It happens on both testing and the regular game for me. I have 1k aircraft, and my brother has 800. Both of us have seen this issue in existance. However since the testing server lives and breathes off of auctions it effects when we try to get new aircraft. This has never been so frustrating in the past, however in the past the airlines future didn’t live on this. Now the testing server has bigg issues. In looking back at the purchases that i did win I ended up loosing about 10 mil, paying more than i bid on aircraft, being charged more than i wanted to pay. It is hard to show proof of this all, but it is broken. Have any more questions feel free to ask.

As the wealthiest airline in test server, an one who has won way too many (and perhaps the most) auctions, I can safely say that the auction is working as intended.

The price shown on an auction is the minimum price that the bidder has offered that trumps all other previous offers. It is not the maximum bid that the bidder has inputted.

So say for a 737-500, valued at 10 mil. The broker reserve price is anywhere between 5 mil and 8.5 mil.

Say I bid 6.5 mil and the reserve price is actually 5.9 mil, 5.9 mil would be the price shown as the current bid.

However, if you come and bid 6.3 mil, the price would be pushed up to 6.3 mil, with me still being the winning bidder. This is because you have not trumped my bid.

If you keep bidding, say for 6.5 mil, I would still be the winner at 6.5 mil, since my initial bid was at that price and once again you have not trumped my bid

If you persist further and offer 6.6 mil, then you would be the winner bidder.

Everytime after you have offered a bid, the auction page reloads with a prompt at the top. Read it carefully. It tells you whether you have the highest bid and whether that bid is indeed successful. Only a blue colour highlighted prompt indicates a winning bid. If you get a orange prompt, the aircraft would not be yours.

Similarly, on being overcharged, take the previous 737-500 example, if I go to bed after inputting 6.5 mil, and seeing 5.9 mil at the going price, and if you stop at 6.5 mil and never trumps my bid, I would end up paying 6.5 mil. That would be 600k extra. But it is also exactly want I have inputted as max bid. So you need to be real careful how much you put in as max because others can and have, maliciously, push the bid up to make you overpay.

Hope this explains.

dktc above has explained it correctly the system works entirely as intended and like a lot of online auctions work.

So to explain, I was trumping the person who bid before me, on the testing sight, I bid more than the person bidding before me, over 20 times on a single aircraft. I bid 20k higher than the bidder before me, but it says their bid was exactly 20k higher than before, and they are winning. Then 30k more than what the “highest bidder” bid, the exact amount I bid a second before. Then their bid was 50k higher than originally with them still winning, once again exactly what the original bid was + 50k (20k+30k). Next I bid 40k more than the highest bid, which once again was magically 90k bigger than the original, the exact big i places the third time, (20k+30k+40k). I’m like huh thats strange, they have the exact bid i just placed. Next I bid 50k, and kept doing that on bidding for the same plane. Every time I would big the bid of the other person was exactly the number I just bid into the system, this went on for over twenty bids. Unless I’m mistaken, this person is either able to read my mind. Or maybe its extreme coincidence they bid the exact bid i was entering, bidding against themselves. Or The server has a issue with the bid system, Trust me I’ve been on the game for many months, I’m max jet, and my brother is Horizon. I’m valuing at 19.5 or so billion, my brothers at 12.5 billion. We’ve been playing for months. I promise everyone I would not bring this up if it didn’t happen. Also this same “coincidence” that you call user error, happened with four different aircraft. So unless your calling me stupid, don’t think I wouldn’t bring this up as an issue If, According to everyone else, I was using the system wrong. Me and my brother have managed to lag the server to the point of uselessness quite a few times, broke the used aircraft market so many times I can’t count. We are the reason that there are so many embraers, ATRs, bombardiers, and Crjs on the market reason. We were why there are so many 737-600s on the market. We operate out of MEM, and Boi. So any time you see a crap ton of aircraft being sold from those places assume its us. So I know what I’m talking about, I wouldn’t be using it wrong, when I’m at the point that I alone Have 1.2k aircraft in my fleet, several hundred of which are inactive.

That is how used aircraft auctions are supposed to work. A user makes a bid but the bid is displayed as the lowest amount that is equal to the reserve price even though it may be higher. If other users then bid greater than the reserve price but lower than the original bid, the bid is displayed as the price of the greatest new user bid and not the original bid itself until a new bid surpasses the highest original bid.