Stuck Aircraft

I was ferrying a used A320 that has now become stuck at Friday Harbor (FHR) airport due to runway length. For some reason the aircraft was allowed to land despite the runway being too short.

EDIT Problem solved. Had to fly a very very short route to a larger airfield.

This happened the same with an airplane that I bought and I decided to sell it. If the airport is isolated and it is not possible to fly a short distance then the plane will remain stucked. There must be another solution. I like your idea of not allowing the plane to land there.

Normally a message here on the forums or on Discord in the support section means Unk will manually move an aircraft if it is really stuck in it’s spawn location. Of course if you fly it into a place that is up to you and if you can fly it in, you can fly it out again.

In this case I was able to fly it out after several attempts to fly to various airports, but as @Dokhu said that will not always be possible. Had there not been an airport (with sufficient runway) so close to where it originally landed, the aircraft would have indeed become stuck as the fuel weight needed for a longer trek would exceed the runway length. i.e. long flights to an isolated airport with insufficient runway length can render the aircraft stuck and so “if you can fly it in, you can fly it out again” is not always true.

I suppose I was surprised that the aircraft could land at an airfield with insufficient runway to begin with, since the older version wouldn’t allow a ferry flight to an airfield that was below runway minimums, but I believe that is part of the newest update accounting for fuel weight. Certainly adds to the realism, and I just must be more careful in the future!