Set a price for a specific flight

Tell me, is it possible to somehow set a price for a specific flight? I cannot find something.
I found the base prices (ticket price, price per km).

It would just be convenient to set the price in the same way for a specific flight.
For example, if the price of fuel at the airport of arrival has risen, then you can slightly increase the price per km on a particular flight.

If there is such a setting, please tell me how to find it.

Yes. What you need to do is set a flight number for each flight. Once you do that, you go into flight numbers and set a price. Yes, we know it’s annoying to have to do it for each individual flight and we are looking into possibly making it so you can set it per route at once. A workaround you can do is if you hold CTRL down as you click update prices it will update whatever you click to update as long as you click them before the page reloads. Let go of CTRL when you’re done.

Ah, I sort of understand. Is it on this page that you need to make changes?

I understand correctly, if I need to change the price in Economy class, then I indicate the new price in the “Y” cell? Will it be the full price of an Economy class flight ticket or will the price per km be added to it?

The full price. It replaces whatever your “preset formula” gives.

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