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I have created new routes already a few days ago and with them route marketing. The route marketing has been running for ~7-14 (on the top ones even longer) days on max. (400.000$) but still hasn’t improved awareness yet. Note that the routes are actively flying every day but costing me money on nearly every one.
Screenshot_20200815-165800_Samsung Internet

P.S. I’m talking about the ones with 1.something % awareness only. The other routes haven’t gotten more awareness since the indefinetly option vanished, though.

User ID: 3386
Airline ID: 2250
Airline Name: Air Meerane
CEO Name: icegamesHD

Bumping this thread. Having the same issue.

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Same issue here.

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This is likely related to the issues we are having with route scheduling (the processing script takes very long and I believe it is interfering with the other scripts such as route awareness/marketing calculations.

At this point there is not much that can be done to fix it - Once the game is reset, this issue should be fixed and then we will need to figure out a better way to handle all of the calculations in the back-end to ensure the game can scale properly once the airlines grow large.


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