Route Management

(Written using Google Translator)
Why can’t i set up more than one route for the same aircraft in a single day? (Topic 5 in the game guide: “You can assign multiple routes to the same aircraft provided that they fly on different days and no two routes operate on the same day”)
For example, if I want to take a short route, like JFK-BOS-JFK, but only once a day, after the aircraft has finished both flights, it should be free to do other routes, right? Do i really need to make several stops on a single “super route” for the same aircraft to make several different short flights?

Yes, due to the way the game schedules everything in the back-end it is extremely complicated to schedule multiple routes, on the same day, for the same aircraft. The game will not know in which order to schedule the routes in case there is more than 1 available to pick from.

Think of a route not as an individual route, but as a daily schedule for each aircraft.