Route Creation

I have a problem with route creation. My HUB is in VCE. I would like to create a route like this:
But the system gives me error reporting:When flying outside the EU your flights must originate or terminate in your home country.
Iceland is in Europe, right? LPA is also in EU and I’m already using that airport.
Is anyone can give me suggestions please?

I’m not sure if Iceland is part of the open skies agreement. If it is, I don’t believe it’s been added to the game as such.

Thanks, I will double check the status of Iceland.

Iceland is not in the EU, so from Iceland you are only able to fly to an airport in your home country.

Perhaps there is some agreement that allows EU based airlines to fly between any EU city and iceland, if that is the case then it needs to be added to the political restrictions in-game. But I don’t know if that exists.

I’m not sure if that exists specifically, but there are countries that aren’t part of the EU that are a part of the EU open skies, etc.

yeah political restrictions are not 100% implemented because there are so many exceptions and special cases. But we’ve got the main ones implemented.