Route creation help

Hi, I started a new airline today with the idea of doing a worldwide type of airline model. My plan was to do some flights from European countries to other European countries, Europe to Asia flights, Europe to America, America to Asia, Domestic American flights etc. I set my base in London (as it’s where I live) but when I started adding some domestic US flights I am getting an error that flights must start or finish in my home country. Is there any way I can disable this error, or have multiple bases in different countries?

Any and all help will be appreciated

Nope, that is by game design. You could do intra-EU flights if you were based in the EU but the UK is not EU in the game. Also, I believe even based in the EU flights outside the EU must start or end in your home country.

Yes unfortunately the game operates with political restrictions. So all flights you fly must be from or to the UK if you are based there.

Aww that’s a shame. Is there any other airline management games that might have this as a feature? I’ve suggested it as a feature but I think I’ll just have to wait a week and reset my airline

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