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Aircraft do not fly the route back on the same day. What is wrong?

In order to answer this question information would be needed like your airline and a screenshot of the routes you say do not work from your route page for starters.

Airline Name is Brunowfly
Screenshot (2)
Screenshot (3)
Screenshot (4)
Screenshot (5)
Fly 2 and 4 not at the same day like 1 and 3.

A route needs to be made as a single entity:

AMS-JFK-AMS for example will work, but AMS-JFK and then JFK-AMS on the same day will not work.

you can put between one flight and another around 1h, I’ve already done that and it worked, this when you didn’t make a single route in the day, like: BER-TGD-BER-IEV-BER
you can do BER-TGD, leave 1h break and do TGD-BER, leave 1h break and do BER-IEV, leave 1h break and do IEV-BER

you can make this directly in the Route Manegamente, using the button Adjust +

Thank you for your prompt reply. I was guided by the turnaround of 20 minutes.

Well, if you want routes to be scheduled with the standard turnaround time, then use the method @Carde suggested. Which is, BER-BOS-BER as 1 route for your MAX 8. Then BER-IKV-BER-TGD-BER as 1 route for your Q400. Think of it as trying to plan out an aircraft’s full schedule, not one route at a time.

Thanks for the valuable tips

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