Potential bug or stupidity on my part


Just starting out the in the game and have read through the various guides. I’ve been creating a few routes and they’ve started operating over the last few days.

I’m aware it isn’t possible to view the schedule of an aircraft to see it’s utilisation / when it’s on the ground or in operation etc and that is quite annoying.

However i’ve noticed today i see to have three routes all with the same aircraft that without any errors are allowing the same aircraft to be going to different places all at once. Hopefully you can see the screen grab below?


Am I missing something - to me it looks like on a Monday this aircraft will be going to several destinations overlapping times and it’s allowing it to happen?

The game will allow you to set up the routes, however if you look in the active flights page, it should not have actually scheduled those flights overlapping each other. (if it did - please let me know)

We had it set so that the game would send a message in the event a route was activated and not able to be scheduled, but there were some issues with it sending multiple messages so for now I disabled it.

OK thanks - wasn’t aware to check in active flights to see if it was actually scheduled.

I take it active flights updates on a delay - for example if i create a new route for tomorrow (Sunday) it won’t automatically create it immediately? Therefore, the first flight would be next Sunday?

So when you initially activate a route it will attempt to schedule the flights for the next 2 days, but no more than 2 days out. For example if you activate a route on Saturday, it will schedule flights for either Saturday + Sunday, or Sunday + Monday, depending on whether the initial departure time has already passed on Saturday.

I am still puzzled though.

I re-arranged my schedules and have an aircraft scheduled to fly on a Monday - Friday:

A - B
B - A


A - C
C - A


A - D
D - A

Each flight has plenty of time between flights but for some reason the following happened:

Monday - Wednesday

A - B and B - A operated
A - D and D - A operated

A - C and C - A din’t appear in active flights and didn’t operate despite the route being active.

Even stranger,

Thursday (today)

A - B and B - A didn’t operate
A - C and C - A is operating
A - D and D - A is scheduled for later on today

I didn’t do anything to amend any of these routes - so why on Monday - Wednesday did the second route not operate but today, the second route is operating but the first route didn’t?

I’m not sure honestly… I took a look at your routes how they are setup now, and everything is set up correctly. The main thing to note is you can’t have multiple routes assigned to the same aircraft that operate on the same day.

I will see if I can try and re-create the issue on my end


It’s okay - I hadn’t realised you should treat the routes as an aircrafts daily schedule and not create lots of individual routes on the one day. I deleted all of my existing routes and created daily schedules for the aircraft and since then it has been working correctly.

No issue with the system :slight_smile:
Perhaps it needs to be clearly explained on the routes page that you need to create a daily schedule though as I’m sure I’m not the only new player to have got confused.