Potential automatic flight scheduling issue

I have noticed that a couple of my routes sometimes do not automatically re-schedule. The routes fly fine when scheduled manually, and have run fine for a few weeks. It started off with one route, then another one started doing it. Today I have noticed a third route which is affected.

The aircraft just end up sitting idle with a grey icon until I toggle the route off then on again. I have checked the aircraft range, runway length and route timings, and can not see any issues.


I have the same problem


route scheduling is currently a bit buggy, the devs are aware and working on it!

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Any update on this issue? every day more and more of my aircraft are not scheduling


Sorry, still no fix as of right now. I am trying but work is taking up a lot of my time right now.

The code chose the worst time to break, as I was in the process of moving right when it happened.

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Just take your time we can see it as a means to prepare for delays and flight cancellations :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope your move went well, and that you have had a happy Christmas/ holiday.

I really enjoy playing Airline Enterprise, I’ve used quite a few other airline simulations over the years, and this one is by far my favourite to date - so keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Is there any update on the fix for this issue?
More of my routes are dropping off, I’m having to toggle ~15-25 flights each day now, and one of my routes has stopped working altogether :(.



We are going to try some server upgrades in the coming days, to see if that helps the issue.

From the investigation we’ve done it appears there is just too many things to process and the current server can’t handle it (we are maxing out CPU usage 18 hours a day on the database server)

Only way to fix that is A) upgrade the server and/or B) re-write the code so that it doesn’t use up as much CPU. We’re going to try both, I think there may be some ways to change the code and help the issue but it will require a fundamental re-write of the route awareness & route marketing functions of the game. So… it is not an easy nor quick fix.

Hopefully an additional CPU core or two will alleviate the problem and give me time to re-write the code.

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Whatever you did the last couple of days has worked for me - I am not having issues any more - Thank you!!! :).

We may have found a solution by changing around the timing of some of the automated scripts. Will know for sure after tonight.

Worked for me, all flights are now back scheduled and seem to be flying.

Hello everyone,
for me the problem is still present but on different routes.

I looked at your routes but they all seem to be scheduled and flying, which routes are giving you problems?

Sorry, but today I already deactivated and reactivated the unscheduled routes (6 routes in total).
For example, you can check my route with ERJ 145 XR (only 1 route with this aircraft so you can find easly).
Tomorrow I will tell you the complete list of affected routes without any action on them.

Hi Unknown98,
today I found 3 unscheduled routes. The first starts in FCO, the second starts in AHO and the last one starts in PSR. I don’t change anything so you can check.
The ERJ 145 route cited on my previous post, today is ok.

Interesting… the script does look at those routes but something is preventing it from being able to schedule. But from my testing they should not have problem scheduling

I will look into it, not sure at this time why it is happening. But it is a separate issue from the script timing-out, the game sees your routes but makes the decision to skip them for some reason.

Hi Unknown98,
any news on my issue?
Today everything seems ok but checking January 20 I found 5 unscheduled flights (FLR, CAG, AHO, FCO, PSR).
Thanks ion advance for your checks.

Sorry I’m still not sure, I looked into it a little this week but was not able to find the cause.

If you don’t mind can you post this on the issue tracker: https://issuetracker.airlineenterprise.com/AirlineEnterprise/IssueTracker/issues

So I can come back to this issue later?