Possible IFS Bug

Variable costs for beverage and snacks are not working unless a meal count is selected… But they still affects reputation

Step by step:
Create a IFS
Leave meal count in No Meal option
Select any Snack or Beverage. Can do both in the same IFS
On the IFS overview page note the Fixed cost is ok but the variable costs are zero
Schedule any flight with this IFS option… Rep are affected and only the fixed cost will be aplied to the flight
You can charge extra money to these options, passenger will pay but the variable cost will still not be applied

Selecting 1 in meal count fix the costs

I should keep this to myself and profit on it but i like things fixed :sweat_smile:

Suggest your take some screenshots and put it on the issue tracker…I got confused reading it :sweat_smile:

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In the second picture you are still able to sell snacks and beverages without any variable cost applied

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