Plane w/o registration

Hi all, I have ATR72-210 without any registration.
I cant do anything with plane - sell it, move it etc
Plane has no PAX so if its flying is empty.
Please help

I have temporarily added a registration back to your aircraft.

If you can, can you tell me what you did leading up to the aircraft’s registration disappearing? Is it similar to this: ?


PS. You will likely get better response time if you post in our chat or the issue tracker.

Hi, thank a lot.

That was not described case.
I entered a new route and sent a plane on it. The next day, the aircraft had no registration and was without PAX. The route was still active and the plane was flying on this route, but without PAX. I haven’t used the swap route yet.

I will use issue tracker next time, thank you :slight_smile:


Now I find that the plane has no PAX :open_mouth:
Thank you

You might need to cancel and reschedule the route.

I Have tried it several times and the plane is still without PAX :frowning:

Your ATR has no cabin configuration assigned to it, nor does any of your ATRs. With no seats it will have no PAX

Yes, youre right. I dont want any extra cabin configuration. Just want 72 economy seats as rest of my ATRs.
Thank you