Paying insane amounts for marketing for 0 return?

Hey guys.
I read in a quick start guide here that it’d be a good idea to start doing marketing immediately to get some awareness, so I decided to start doing some marketing immediately. It’s insanely costly considering I just started, and there’s absolutely no return on it. I’ve payed for marketing for two days, and my awareness has gone from 0% to 0,3% - that seems absolutely insane to me. Even if I cut marketing, I’ll never get to a point where I am profitable before I’m too broke to continue the game… Am I doing it wrong or what?
I’ve maxed out my marketing for billboards, radio and social media/internet.

Thanks in advance.

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Seems you found some of your answers on the discord already, but in case some one else drops in here and wonders:

General marketing is something you use later on when you launch a lot of routes, it gives a nice initial boost to routes started so you do not have the issue of having to deal with zero PAX for a day or 2 when you start a new route. If you start out it is best not to spend anything here or just stick to the lower 2 levels of spending if you really want to spend some.

So what you want to do is max our your route marketing effect per leg flown, this is what gets the people onboard and right now this shows you as costing money, but is completely free :slight_smile: Once it hits 65% you can stop the spending on it anyway cause you have a 30 day lingering effect of 35% boost (65+35=100 aka maxed out).

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