Owned Aircraft Value

Does the owned aircraft value in airine overview page includ ordered aircrafts? In my calculations, it doesn’t, but shouldn’t it be in there? I paid for parts of those aircrafts for at least 40% of their worth, so technically, I own at least 40% of the ones in order. When I purchase the aircrafts, my asset drops for how much I prepaid for the order, and if my airline is small, the credit rating will drop. In the future, the aircrafts will be delivered to me anyways. It’s not like my money just disappeared from my assets and suddenly reappeared as an aircraft. After all, investments like purchasing aircrafts are part of companies’ assets. I’m just worried about purchasing aircrafts for small airlines will ruin their credit rating. Is it possible to include ordered aircraft value when calculating credit rating?

Owned aircraft value does not include aircraft pending delivery.

But you make a good point, perhaps we should change this.