No flights even though active schedule

Hi fellow AE fans,

I’ve recently encountered a problem, where I’ve leased Gates in TXL, MUC and FRA and created TXL-FRA/FRA-TXL and TXL-MUC/MUC-TXL routes but my aircraft only flies the TXL-MUC/MUC-TXL legs. For the other routes, it just remains stationary at TXL. The schedule fits and adds up, so that can’t be the issue.

Am I doing something wrong?
Screenshot_20200731-181344_Samsung Internet

Hi @icegamesHD,

Have you tried combining your routes into a single “route” instead of individual pairs?
With the way scheduling works in the game, you should think of each route as a complete day schedule for a single aircraft.

You should have all flights in a single route, like this:

A-B-A-C-A, which in your case is TXL-FRA-TXL-MUC-TXL

Having two separate routes, assigned to the same aircraft, only works if the routes fly on different days.

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Thanks for the notice!
I’ll go ahead and do that right now!

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