No aircraft registration and configuration

image Cannot access aircraft details.Aircraft has no configuration but is still flying with passengers.
Update:24 hours later aircraft flying with no passengers aircraft grounded.

Update:Gained access to aircraft details on ledgers page.
Had to reconfigure again but should be up and running.


I apologize for the late reply, life and the pandemic got in the way for me and Unk is more busy lately.

Glad you figured out a workaround for this issue. Now to assist us in figuring out what caused this bug (as multiple instances of this has happened) can you tell me what you did leading up to the aircraft’s registration disappearing?

Is it similar to this: ?

Or this: Plane w/o registration?


PS. You will likely get better response time if you post in our chat.

Hi sw
Aircraft detail page was open for about five minutes.Before closing the the page there was a configuration updated message.all I was doing was looking at the maintenance checks I might have looked at the flight history.I didn’t change anything.
Thanks for the reply.