Need help. Aircraft having an identity crisis

So I was looking at the details of one my aircraft and I miscklicked and hit swap route. Next thing I know my aircraft’s registration number suddenly disappeared along with it’s cabin configuration and I can’t go back in and amend either of them.

Here’s a pic of the dilemma

All of the aircraft’s flights are still scheduled for the next two days though

I had that happen to me. I was able to access the aircraft on the ledgers was a leased
Aircraft so on Friday when the lease was due there it was.But I see yours is owned,I wonder
If you had a maintenance check done you might be able to search in there.

This is a known bug. Unk should take care of it when he gets the chance.

Can you tell me the cabin configuration ID # that was installed on the aircraft? you can find this by going to Fleet --> Cabin Configurations, clicking the edit pencil, and the “?id=XXX” number will be in the URL bar.

Yep. URL says “id=1582”

Should be fixed now.

It’s back to normal now thanks Unk.

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