Is there an admin airline?

There’s this airline called Jet blue in the game which bought a lot of aircraft yet I can’t find it. If it is a admin ok, I want to know why. If it is a player, why can’t I research it in the airline research. I noticed it bought a ton of aircraft so I was just curious. If the admins or a player, are playing the game with it, then what airports and aircraft it has needs to be transparent like every other airline that is simulated in the game.

Thanks for sharing your concern. All airlines can be searched, however sometimes airlines that are deleted or reset won’t be searchable but still show up on the news feed.

Admin and staff do have airlines, you can click on our profiles on the forums and it will list our airline. Also you can see our usernames on the airline research.

Occasionally there are test airlines for certain new features. Those airlines are not announced, and are required for testing and implementation purposes.

As for JetBlue Airlines I can see it on airline research. It is currently the second airline on the first page.


Not for me though

If you click on ValuJet, the actual name of that airline is Jet Blue

Logo just says ValuJet

Nothing much I can do to prevent that other than make a rule, but then we’ve got to enforce it somehow. Maybe I can display the name in text form along with the logo.

That’s what I was thinking it should be visible what airline name it is on the research page and the airline overview page