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I just noticed that the first leg of my new route have wrong arrival time. Anyone with this bug too?

times displayed are local times at the respective airports.

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So this is because Canada have multiple timezones? Sorry, i live in Brasil and am not familiar with these huge diference in time

Thx for the reply

In addition, where can I send data from aircraft that are possibly wrong?

Researching a little about the Embraer 195AR I saw that the maximum distance with full load is different from the manufacturer’s website

I don’t want to create another topic without knowing if I’m doing it right

Hello. I am the stats collector for the game. The manufacturer uses range for the E195AR variant with the CF34-5EA1 engines on the website, which has the lowest amount of thrust and the lowest amount of fuel burn available. If you notice that range has 5 asterisks next to it giving more details as to how it arrived at those calculations. However, in game we use the CF34-10E7 which is a more powerful engine option available on E195ARs which has higher fuel burn but also better performance.

Also, if you notice when Embraer says “full PAX” it denotes that they are saying single class seating at 32" of pitch. If you notice the specifications in the table of data they provide, it lists 32" pitch as having 116 seats. However, documents provided by the manufacturer say that the exit limit (max number of seats possible) is 124. This is corroborated by the manufacturer in the bottom listing on the typical seat capacity ledger. Those extra 8 people will add an extra 1,760 lbs. This reduces the range even more.

There are many ways that aircraft manufacturers switch up their stats to make their aircraft look more appealing. However, their provided aircraft information charts are much more detailed and we use their payload-range diagrams to determine performance. This has been thoroughly examined and confirmed to be correct to the extent of open source capability.

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In addition to everything posted above, you also have to consider that we display ranges without reserve fuel because that fuel is unusable in game. This is for gameplay and makes scheduling easier.

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