In-Flight Service Configurations

I can’t figure it out either. Where do you write “fixed” prices for food/snacks/comfort, and where do you write “variable” prices?
You can poke your nose, otherwise I read the description and still I don’t understand where exactly to write it down. Perhaps the problem is in the translator.
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What do you mean fixed and variable prices? If you want to sell it for a price, the price column on the right is where you fill the price, for meal on top, snack price, beverage prices, and comfort prices respectively.

I think you are thinking about the fixed and variable costs, which is not determined by you, but by what you offer.

Maybe google translate translates wrong for me.
Here there are two columns with prices (marked in green and yellow).
Here it is not clear to me which prices to take (marked above in yellow or green) and in which columns to enter (marked in red or green below).
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Fixed cost you pay once per flight, per class, variable is what each serving cost.

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Several questions arose:

  1. Example, if I select “Peanuts”, then the passengers get “Peanuts”,
    and if I select “+ ChocolateBar”, then passengers get “Peanuts” and “+ ChocolateBar”. I understand correctly?
    Or do they also get “+ Pretzels” because it’s higher up?
  2. If you select services (screenshot, number 1), but do not specify prices (screenshot, number 2), does this mean that these services will be free for passengers, but will they be reflected in my costs? I understand correctly?
    Do free services affect demand in the game, in terms of increasing demand for a flight?
  3. The price of $0.80 is this for “Beer”? Or is it for “Water + Soft Drinks + Juice + Beer”?
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