IFS rating dropping

Hi everyone
My IFS ratings are slightly dropping, almost every day. I did not change any IFS configurations nor IFS prices.
Why the rating drops?
Thanks in advance

Andres D

Maybe you put a aircraft to fly in a route that is not better for this configuration… if you put a configuration for short flights (-3H) and put the same aircraft to flights about 7H without change the cabin config… you will lose some rating… Has a table sheet here in this foruns… Done by “Carde” look it… will help you a lot!

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Thanks, dude. I’ll see.

I cant find that sheet… @Carde can U give me a little help with this? Many thanks in advance!

I dont know if this is the official sheet link… but I find in my google sheets list…

“Airline Enterprise Reputation Sheet - Google Sheets”

Do a copy for you to edit…

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Thanks a lot, dude. I owe you one.

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