How to increase my earnings?

I don’t know how to increase my earnings.
-My flights don’t give much money

  • I am losing more then winning
    -My flight are between 6 am to 23 pm
    What is happening?

CEO of Fly Canada, Air fly Group member

A variety of reasons, judging purely from your airline preview:

  • Its day 1! You can’t expect to earn money from day 1, nobody knows your airline at first. Take it slow.
  • You started with 4 aircraft families. So maintanence wise, you are paying for 4 families cost for just 7 aircrafts, which is more than necessary. Although the planes are decent ones, 3x A338neo, 1x A322, 2c A221 and 1x B737, it simply doesn’t work for a start
  • You are spending on airline marketing. Pretty sure 4.54% in 1 day is not possible otherwise. It isn’t going to improve your route awareness enough to justify the costs, so please don’t.
  • A large majority of your routes have competition in them. To compete against them you now have to either: get some route awareness; else drop your prices. None of them is going to work to your advantage.
  • You aren’t flying enough frequencies in your routes to maintain awareness. Think of it this way - if only a few passengers try flying your route, how would more people know your route even if they spread by word of mouth?
  • You aren’t scheduling your flights correctly - read the game guide. One flight itenary should contain all flights one aircraft is flying in a day. Clearly that is not how you scheduled it, because flights are going in 1 direction but not the other.

thank You!

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