How can I increase my popularity?

I have a problem with popularity at first i was winning until i get to 22% and i am losing more after.
What happened?
-Fly Canada :maple_leaf:

I am not sure what you mean, there is not a statistic in the game that is popularity, so please explain.

I was saying that the effectiveness is decreasing instead of increase. Even if I increase my marketing weekly budget, I am still losing. What is happening?

I assume you mean airline awareness, this is based on a number of factors including airline age, marketing and mainly your route network. At some point you hit a cap in this and it will not grow until your grow your network or marketing budget.

However the marketing budget itself is linked to your airline size so if you do not keep it up it will fall behind and loose effectiveness. More importantly though is that airline awareness is the least important of the main statistics in the game and really is not worth focussing on and specially not worth spending on the marketing for it, that money is far better spend on growing your fleet and network.

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