How can I be sure that I would be successful?

hi, for 24 days , I was losing more money than winning. I am scared of being bankrupt for the second time. So I don’t know if I will survive or die.
So, here is my question:
How can I be sure that I would be successful when I don’t see money coming?

Thank you for your help!
-Fly Canada

All my previous comments from here applies. It seems that you are a little too hasty with regards to opening a whole lot of flight routes, which resulted in some of your routes not having enough route awareness, other aircrafts not having the adequate IFE/IFS, and therefore, ridiculously low prices. Take a look at SFO-YUL, with a 4 class 737, you are charging half of what the base prices are. Also, the number of aircraft families and all. With your choices, I don’t think after 24 days it is easy to judge whether it can turn a profit.

For a more direct answer, typically, you would at least need your route profits to all be in the green and enough to cover gate costs to confirm that you will be able to turn the profits soon enough. If you want a more detailed way, try setting your route awareness at 100%, and calculate what is the max profit for all your routes. If they all balance out, then congratulations.

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