Help! No flights scheduled!

Brand new to Airline Enterprise, so very possible this is user error, but no flights will schedule!!

I have:
*leased gate
*configured aircraft
*created route
*assigned aircraft to route

The route is active, but no flights are scheduled. When I view the “active flights” page it says there are no active flights and none scheduled. This is happening to all of my routes. I read on the forum that deactivating/reactivating the route would help with the known scheduling bug, but this didn’t seem to help my issue. Would anyone be so kind as to offer advice?


Hi its not automatic, usually takes 24 hours for any new routes to kick off

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Thanks, Chunga. I waited about 12hrs so I just needed more patience then.

I have waited more than 24hrs and I still have no flights scheduled.

Is the aircraft positioned in the city of origin?

Well, this is low key grave digging, you could have opened a new thread. We can’t help you if you don’t screenshot us details - like your aircraft in the aircraft management page, route in your route management page, and airline name