Gate Utilization Doubling

Not sure if anyone else has brought this up, but after the unscheduled maintenance this week (yesterday?) the gate utilization has been doubled. i.e. a round-trip flight now takes up 2 gate slots.

For example, I have one daily flight from ABQ to EDI and lease one shared gate. Before the update/maintenance I was at 100% usage for the EDI gate; however, after the update/maintenance I am at 200% usage for that same gate, nothing else has changed.

As always, thanks!

The game crashed yesterday and a lot, if not all of the daily scripts that run in the back-end did not get a chance to run. I am assuming the script that goes through and resets all of the gate utilization numbers simply didn’t run, and now utilization has doubled. Let me know if it fixes itself tomorrow.

I could tell something was going on by the “unscheduled maint” warning, I appreciate the work you all do on this game.

Gate utilization seems back to normal, your assumption was spot on. Thanks again, and sorry if I cried wolf prematurely.