Flight with 0 estimated pax

I have 5 flights. Each going A>B>A>C>A>D>A. Spaced time wise far enough apart that they are never on the ground at the same time. I am doing it to raise route awareness.

The problem is on the active flight page it shows the first route with 0 pax each day of the week at every airport. The other 4 have max pax. They all have pricing the same and the same seat configuration. They are all outside of 1am-5am.

Any ideas how to fix? Flights not leaving for several hours so have some time.

I read another post about a different route issue but did as it said and it worked.

[FIX]I turned active off, hit cancel, turned active back on. Now active flight page displays correctly.

Did you just start the route? When route awareness is 0, you will have very little passengers who fly unless you lower your prices. Think of it as you have to incentivize people to fly with you because you have no reputation. Why do you think startups like Breeze and Avelo had special introductory fares? It’s the same concept. As you fly the routes, you’ll find it easier to fill your seats at higher prices as your route awareness increases.

Ty for trying. I just updated above post with fix.

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