Few aircraft available for purchase/leasing

Tell me, in the “Research - Aircraft” section there is a large list of aircraft, but you can buy only a small part. For example, there is B737-800 on the list, but it is not available for purchase. I’ve only seen it in the secondary market. What is it connected with?

The aircraft that are available for purchase new right now are the only ones that are left in production (with a few exceptions like the 777 ending production in the middle of this round). The 737NG series ended production around 2020 as well as the A320ceo series.


Then it is not clear why Il-96, Tu-204/214 are available for purchase. They are out of production.
No, though, I misunderstood. IL-96 has not been mass-produced for a long time. 1-2 copies for the government were assembled, but not sure if the assembly was finished. Tu-204/214 is also no longer mass-produced. Even, in my opinion, new cargo versions are also not going to.

That is, only those that will be assembled in real life in 2022 are available for purchase?

Correct, only aircraft that are purchasable new IRL can be bought or leased new in game. For the case of the Il-96 and Tu-204/214, while not being actively built they were found to still be able to be ordered. If you showed up at Ilyushin or Tupolev with enough money they would build you an Il-96 or 204.

Only no one in their right mind with money will go to buy them :slight_smile: There are more modern and cost-effective aircraft :slight_smile:
Thanks for the answer! Now it’s all clear.

I agree with you there, but the fact that it can still be ordered is why it’s that way in the game.

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