Everytime I try to but and aircraft or lease one from the market, I receive an error504 this is happening now for at least the last 10 days without any way of resolving same.

It’s due to the massive amount of multiple accounts you have. The script that cross-checks that you are not selling between linked accounts cannot process in enough time, and results in a 504 timeout.

As per the game rules:

  1. In order to provide a fair and balanced playing field, multiple accounts are strictly prohibited. Each User is limited to only ONE ACCOUNT. In the event of a User being found to have two or more accounts, all accounts may be suspended, reset or deleted, and the User warned. Subsequent action may be taken at the discretion of the administration team. If the User continues to sustain multiple accounts or is found to be in violation of this game rule multiple times, they will be permanently banned from the use of Airline Enterprise. The suspension, reset or deletion of User accounts is at the sole discretion of the administration team. Special consideration may be available to family members or members of the same household that wish to play together. Please contact the administration team if this applies to you, either through the Forums or via email at [email protected]. Please note that direct User to User interaction will be limited in such cases.

In all cases, the transfer of aircraft via the used aircraft market between accounts that use the same IP address are strictly prohibited.

Pick ONE account you want to play from and I will delete the others.

All airlines were setup using a different format, as the BETA is ongoing was using it as a test bed to see what the best airline setup is, can you remove all but Chunga Air, thanks


Please don’t make any more accounts, if you want to test different strategies there is the account reset function that you can use once per week.

Error still appearing when any transactions is being completed on the open market.

Try now

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