Empty flights- please help

HELP, PLEASE! I have just started my airline (INTL Global Airways) and I currently have 3 A/C. Those A/C are showing up as empty flights (My 2 Fokker F-100s) of just having 2 PAX (My 1 Boeing 747-300SR). Marketing and in-flight services have been enabled. Cabin configurations have been installed. Routes have been assigned. Flights have been activated. Aircraft are at their proper airports. Awareness is at 0.00%. How do I fix this? Please contact my Airline Enterprise airline (INTL Global Airways) if you have any tips! Thank you for your assistance.
-NH040305, CEO of INTL Global Airways

i have the same issue but you will have to do route marketing and wait like a day to see an increase in awareness

I have done marketing. So all you are saying That I need to do is wait?

i think so

OK, Thanks.

OK, so I have departed a few flights and my awareness hasn’t gone up. I have currently flown 0 passengers. What should I do? Marketing is still active, yet I haven’t seen any awareness boosts.

Be careful with airports with small runways and little demand. In addition, you must consider that the plane does not exceed the minimum distance with maximum payload because the plane it will lose occupation. Also keep in mind not to fly between 2 and 4 in the morning.

I have made sure of those things. I just started my airline yesterday. Most of my airports are large demand and large runways, and my most common plane in service is the A220-100 (my biggest is the 747-400, but that is inactive), so demand is not an issue. My awareness is at 0.00% and I know that higher awareness increases the amount passengers. Marketing has been put into place as well, but that is not working yet. How do I increase my awareness when I am flying empty flights?

Just keep flying, every flight will gain a certain amount of awareness

OK, so my awareness is now at 1.04%, but I am still at a load factor of 0.00% on my routes. I take that my routes will slowly build up in this too?

I was looking at your route map and noticed you were flying to cities with several other airlines operating. Try flying on routes without competition (e.g., instead of flying to LAX, fly to Long Beach or Palm Springs). – Check out the route research page. On the SEA-LAX route it was showing my airline wasn’t going to have a single passengers until 10% awareness. That is not a route you want to be on as a brand new airline.

Oh. OK. Thanks!

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