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Range_Restriction_Worksheet v2.xlsx (606.8 KB)

Update: As per the results of the polls on Discord and here on the Forums, the updated aircraft statistics will be implemented during the weekend of February 27th. A more precise timeframe will be announced as the date approaches.

Hi Everyone,

We (or rather Goldy) has completed the update of the aircraft statistics. A lot of the changes would significantly impact existing fleets. You can use the attached Range Restriction Worksheet to visualize the changes.

We essentially have three options:

  • Add all the new stats now (this could cause major changes that could affect your operations dramatically. We would make the changes in 1-2 weeks time)
  • Add all the new stats at the next major reset
  • Selectively add new stats where it is better than now and leave ones that aren’t better or are worse out until next reset.

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Let us know which option you would prefer.


I vote for second option.


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I vote for the second option as well.

@pianoguy7 @Dokhu I added a poll to the post, you can vote on that so we can easily keep track. Thanks!

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In the attached worksheet max range and max Payload range for the E175-E2 are the same

Wow I’m surprised that the first option is the majority. I mean most of our airlines’s fleets are made up of certain aircraft based on the current statistics so adding in the new statistics mid game pretty much screws over any largely established airlines.

Gotta love democracy right.


Agreed, I’m absolutely stunned.

I’m not, here’s why:

Option B could literally be years out, at minimum at least another.
Option C is kinda the cheaty way. Boost some aircraft but leave the others for later? Eh…

Option A mainly affects those who basically game the system which many despise. There’s nothing against it but it just feels cheeky. And for some aircraft cougha220cs300cough, you have to know that there was no way that was possible. Ultimately those who it affects most will have an easier time as they are a bigger airline. If you weren’t then sorry, new strat time I guess. For me I never pushed (like many hence A being popular) the limits of an aircraft. If you did, you live, and die by it.


Heh, doesn’t matter for me, I can’t keep an airline profitable anyways :rofl:

I declared bankruptcy and started again and I will continue to do so until the official game is released, so the changes do not matter but I preferred to vote so that no one would be harmed.

This is due to the fuel quantity being the limiting factor on the range for certain aircraft.

I’m sensing contempt.

Your whole comment can be summed up to, “it doesn’t affect me so who cares,” which is a rather backwards way of thinking that doesn’t consider anyone but yourself.

I’ve looked at the game guide plenty of times and nowhere does it say you need to be an expert on aircraft specs in order to play. You seem to imply that anyone who has alot of a220s is gaming the system and pushing the limits of their aircraft, but maybe you ought to consider that everyone doesn’t work at Airbus or Bombardier and doesn’t know all the details about the aircraft. Someone casually picks up this game and looks at the a223 in-game stats vs the a319s stats, which one do you think they’re going to pic…?

Either way my airline will still survive but I just hope that most people who voted A did it out of respect for realism rather than “it doesn’t affect me.”


Sorry, but I didn’t read ALT’s comment that way. It seems he was merely pointing out that some players assume the max range to be the max payload range, i.e. some players were using A220s on transatlantic flights, which no airline irl does.


Airbus advertises the A220 as a plane that can make a transatlantic flights in their marketing materials. A220-300 - A220 Family - Airbus

The fact that no airline IRL flies transatlantic with the A220 is because the A220 is so new. Delta got their 220-100 in 2019 and 220-300s in November 2020, and JetBlue is just starting to get theirs.

I got the idea from flying transatlantic with the A220 from LCY from this Simple Flying article that talked about airlines using the A220 on LCY to NYC. The Airbus A220 Can Now Fly From London To New York Direct   - Simple Flying

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To me the whole situation is as simple as it could be:

Game is in BETA, so well if thing aint what they should be we change it. Sometimes that means adjusting things and letting everything else be and other times it means adjusting it and resetting everything.

End of day if you do not like changes and/or see your progress getting wiped, do not play a game in a beta stage.


I’m with @Jamesthomeson on this. I just go by the stats listed here, and plan my airline based on them, beta status is irrelevant. Hard to game or push the limits of an aircraft when you don’t know what they are.

To @Carde 's point, I guess no room for complaints from those voting for A when their airline tanks because they didn’t think the changes would impact them! :slight_smile:

But, c’est la vie

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I dont think ALT was pointing out that people were assuming max range = max payload range but rather they do belieive that people already know that the a220 wouldn’t be capable of such routes and are intentionally taking advantage of the system, which is probably true. However, the rest of their comment comes off as if to say “if option A affects you, then it sucks to be you” without even considering the other side.

My main point is that even though there are those who are fully aware of how bizarre an a220, revenue pond hop is, there are also those who legitimately are just using the stats the game provided. And even with those supposedly “gaming the system,” can you really blame them? Had the stats not been the way they are no one would be “pushing the limits.” One ought to consider both sides of the scenario before deciding on the obvious quick fix which I’m glad the devs did by making this poll.

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As per the results of the polls on Discord and here on the Forums, the updated aircraft statistics will be implemented during the weekend of February 27th. A more precise timeframe will be announced as the date approaches.

The three options are on the table to be chosen and not to be questioned and I don’t think we can do much with these new numbers because they are based on real data. Personally, I don’t like those numbers because I just want to play and I want to use the planes I like more but I cannot use them because it is impossible for certain routes or the utility is laughable.That’s why some players are forced to use the planes that offer the best numbers, but not those planes we like the most. How can we choose between money or fun? That is why I am filing for bankruptcy permanently because I don’t feel comfortable.

voting for second option