Discussion - Updated Aircraft Statistics

The decision has been made, the changes as Unknown has said will be implemented around the 27th, more details to come in due time.

To note the fact that the game is in beta is very much relevant cause that is when you find issues and address them. Again if this will be an ongoing thing whenever things need to be addressed or features added or removed it will be done so as a part in the process to bring the game to a complete and finished state. These thing will affect some more than others depending on what is being done at any given time, that is unavoidable. However it should be kept in mind all the progress being made now will be wiped again at some point anyhow so it is nothing of permanence that is being lost, this is all part of the beta testing stage of the game.

With this clarity I will close this topic as there is simply no need to continue the talk as the matter has been decided.