Can't get passengers

I have had 57 flights so far and 0 passengers. My awareness is 3.06% is this normal?

There is a lot of things this could possibly be. Lets start by what routes you are flying.

As Alt mentioned tell us your routes and the planes you use on them.
Also your airline name would be helpful

IAD to ORD and IAD to JFK

Dulles to Chicago is a bloodbath right now, even with my awareness and rep I get zero pax on the research page so that explains that.

Dulles to JFK you’re the only one. You sure you still aren’t getting pax?

He’s operating only MAX10’s Carde and his airline is Jingu based out of Dulles.

I’m guessing Jingu doesn’t have a cabin configuration installed on his aircraft. At 1% route awareness, he should have at least 50 passengers on IAD to JFK.

This seems a valid explanation because jingu has 0% market share at Dulles meaning literally no pax.