Billion dollar misclick

Requesting help from admins in any way possible, while trying to deleate configs of the used aircraft i buy, it likes to decide i want to configure my whole fleet to the config instead of deleating my config. THis is porblomatic as it just happened with the 747-200, this will ultimately cost me a week of revenue and a billion dollar, because there is no comfirmation to be made when installing configs on the configurations menu. I Want help by an admin as this should have happened, I pressed deleate adn instead it spent 540 million dollars to configure as many 747-200 to a confige I clikced to get rid of. Plz respond asap

Seems like you meant to click delete but accidently clicked “assign to all” - that is the only way I can see how this happened.

I will refund you the $509,166,000 and maybe I will look into adding a confirmation for the cabin config deletion/re-assign to all buttons

thanks THat will also save the games lag.