Auction market abuse

Miami air is abusing the aircraft auction market, he has been feeding small airlines paying 300 mil for Boeing 737-300 and 737-400. What ever the reason he is breaking the game for those who do the work and growth by working hard and being consistant. He has spent over 1 bli on five Boeings: x2 737-400s @300mil each, x2 737-300s @300mil each, and a 717-200 at 100mil. What ever is going on I think it should be punished or transactions reversed. Let me know if any imformation is needed. They have abused the auction market non-stop, and was one of the most notorious offenders when it gave double the amount to the seller and he abused it. Pls check because I’m one of the top 50 airlines after growing and spending a few hours ever day, It’s not fair for them to abuse the system. If Miami air is to contender to abuse unchecked, me and my friends will no longer want to play anymore, because he does have competiting routes with my airports and if he is exploiting it puts me at a disadvantage for not exploiting.

I’ve seen Miami dance around on the auction but he never appears to be buying my aircraft… I put up a bunch of 737 and 747s so unless he has a geniune wish for the aforementioned 737-700s and 737-400s I see no big reason for concern. Or he may be going bankrupt…


Like this?
What big airline pays this much money on an aircraft that can be picked up on the used market for dirt cheap?

Yes i see this as abuse, This system is prone to abuse, I think it can allows airlines to feed other airlines. It breaks the economy if a big airline feeds a new airline, because that new airline will then be able to have resources that only come from playing the game for over half a year. I think this system need to be delt with, but I don’t know how they could fix it. Keep in mind arilines can not just get fed loads of cash, but also really good aircraft for cheep. We all know this is the same reason this system was put implace in the first place. But this system is being prone to abuse. The system has seen airlines feeding cash, Jumbos to airlines who shouldn’t be able to afford them, and abuse when the seller got two time the amount they should have gotten, and in realization exploited the bug. The system has had it’s ups and downs, but I think as a whole we need to question this system. We need to see to it this game is not exploited, because once it is we can not undo what has been done. Many players have put much work into this game, and the best way to undo exploitation and abuse to restart the whole thing. We can not be letting abuse happen in the auction system, as it unfairly leaves those who have been persistent vulnurable and unable to compete. It is fair to load routes, its fair to overload routes until others give up. Its fair to compete and try to drive people to give up or even in to bankruptcy if they want. But paying 300 mil for a 737-400 or paying 35k for a jumbo thats worth 5 times more leaves our simulation and the whole economy of the game vulnurable. We need to protect what exist and is left. If that means we can’'t have nice things, then I think others can agree we can’t have nice things.

I have a better idea… we should put a limit on the max aircraft one can buy from another… or that you can’t have more than 10% of your auction purchases from a single airline, etc etc

I suggested having a set limit (2 or 3) at a time on auctions, but it hasn’t been picked up by a mod/admin yet. Unfortunately, there’s really no definite way to keep people from abusing the system like this.

Or we can put limits on how many auctions can be live at once…

We are looking into it/discussing internally how we will manage this. On one hand as long as the airlines are not multi-accounts (i.e. two separate people) it’s not really against the rules. But I do see how this could be a problem if we allow it to continue. Part of it is that right now large airlines basically get bored and just decide to spend their money on helping out smaller airlines/their friends. So more investment options for large airlines would help with this.

Difficult thing is I’m not really sure what, if any solution to this there is. We can’t put a max price on auctions. Limiting auction participation is just a band-aid on a larger problem. I suppose we could ban “feeding” but then that comes with it’s own complications of how do you define feeding, and where do you draw the line between simply over-paying and feeding. Also we’d have to actively monitor and enforce the rule.

I think one option that may help a bit is to allow private sales, so if one airline wants to buy from another airline they can work out the details in private and then do the sale without using the auctions system. But it’s not a total fix.

Mhmm. I agree with the private sales idea. I also think it should be possible to private-lease aircraft but that comes with the issue that some airlines are just gonna lease aircraft for a living and not actually fly them.

For right now why dont you set an auction maximum per aircraft value, so maybe auction max value would be say, 750% of the aircraft value, not of the individual aicraft type, but of the most expensive aircraft that one can have of every individual type. so one could sell a newer A320 for 750%, but also a cheep A320 for the same amount as 750% of the more valuable aircraft. This would just be an auction buy out.

hey Thought about how to give big airlines something to invest in. Not a long term solution, but a short term one. Maybe we should implement the ability for airlines to buy leased aircraft for their value. This wouldn’t be a long term fix, but it would be a short term one. One are in need of anyway.

Oh my lord this we need implemented asamfp I’m tired of renewing my hundred plus aircraft

agreed and like in real life there is some ability to do such, maybe it cost like 110% of the value so buying leased aircraft isn’t abused, as then people could not put a down payment on a plane they won’t get for a few months. They would then just lease instead.

Right right and there should be a function that can be toggled so, say, 5% of each plane is bought back each week automatically (or something) so we don’t have to buy every single aircraft back which would be a total nightmare