Am I doing right?

Hi all.
I started yesterday. I know my airline don’t give me earnings at soon.
But I like anyone could see how my airline is now, and give some advice about I’m doing anything wrong.
Thanks in advance

Taylor, CEO of Central.

PS: Sorry for my poor English.

Too early to tell honestly, flight profits typically take 2-3 days even for the “optimal” strategy, and probably longer to break even when considering gates and what not.

I don’t see particular “bankruptcy-threatening” issues for now, though I did notice you didn’t maximise your loan limits, and also, one flight per route is very slow to gain route awareness and that might make it slower to reach the flight profit point.

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So, you suggests I take on loan 3 more planes and put them on the same routes I already have?

Um if possible, yes. Though I am not sure about it because you just missed out on the bulk lease price (leases of 5 have some discount on the lease)

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