All flights must originate or terminate in your home country or union?

After setting up a couple of routes I’ve put together a slightly more complex one (linking three stops rather than just two, nothing too complex!) but when I try to create the route though I get the above warning and it won’t get any further. What is the problem and what causes it?

At its core I assumed this meant that my flight had to start or end… well in my home country but it isn’t this as I’ve got it set to start and end at my home airport. I’ve tweaked it around a little bit and tried it in different formats. The middle two links are not in the home country, is that what causes it? If, for example I’m set in Germany and have a leg that connects Greece and Spain it won’t work even if the overall route is linked in with Germany? In which case if I have to add a stop in… Berlin between Athens and Madrid… would it register me trying to connect Athens and Madrid or would it count as the simple link?

Forgive me if it’s a bit confusing, I’m new to the game and trying to figure out the mechanics so I can better understand how it all goes!

Routes in game are misleadingly termed as such. The correct way would be to treat every route you created as the flight schedule for a plane for a day. So if you plan to fly DUS-ATH-DUS-MAD-DUS for the day, you enter 1 route as such, and not 4 routes (each flight separately)

As for the flights must start and end in your home country, yes, because stopovers don’t exist in game. Unless you are flying under the EU travel rights, which means you can fly from an EU country to an EU country, even if neither are your home countries. But if you want to fly DUS-ATH-DXB as 1 flight, unfortunately, that doesn’t work because 1, no stopovers in the game, and 2, your start and end point for ATH-DXB isn’t in the EU (and you neither started nor ended in your home country). So, yeah

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