All flights cancelled

I took some time offline and when i logged in earlier i have noticed that all of my flights are inactive, and appear to have been for some time. It took me ages to re activate all the flights, and as a side affect of being inactive for so long my credit rating has gone back down to CCC, my money has tanked, and my reputation has suffered immensely!

Is there anything that can be done to help me? And a way to prevent this happening again? I was hoping that during my absence the game would have ran as smoothly as it always has and that I would have enough income to buy some aircraft brand new rather than on the used market, but now I can’t even afford anything from the used market and wont be able to for probably a month or two.

Has anyone else had this issue, and did one of the admins help you through it? Even if I could have my balance up to 0 instead of being in negative 9 digits would be a bit of a help.

All routes get deactivated after 30 days of account inactivity.

I wish i would have known that, I’d at least have tried to log in. So basically my airline is screwed for a few months now and the admins cant do anything to help me or at least take my finances out of negative?

It’s a deliberate game design choice so the server doesn’t get overloaded scheduling routes for airlines that don’t play the game anymore. You can’t get your money back, however you can reset if you think your situation is unrecoverable.

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