Activation says i need parental age 65?

I just tried to signup for your game and it is saying I need parental consent? age 65?! First of all, I am retired from Southwest Airlines as of May 31 2017 after a 40 year career in the airline industry with Eastern, American and Southwest.
Secondly, even if i was a child, which I’m not, both of my parents have passed away years ago…PLEASE activate my account so I may be able to play this game! While I am flattered that you want parental consent, at my age I don’t think it will be possible.
To further know I am of age, my login retiredwnmco, reflects my age completely …RETIRED from WN (airline code for SOUTHWEST) from MCO (Iata code for ORLANDO INTERNATIONAL)…most children wouldn’t have a clue about codes of that nature.

Jeff Kline retiredwnmco

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Must have accidentally clicked that you are under 13 on registration

I’ve reset the indicator - next time you log-in it will ask you to confirm age, should let you in once you do that.