What is happening with the lack of passengers?

Almost all of my flights are empty. I’m paying for route marketing and my airline/route awareness is going up but passengers aren’t showing up.

It seems like i’m not the only airline that is having this same issue, what is going on?

Is it because we just started? I cancel my flights and then re-activate them after the first day.

Maybe after a couple of days.

It seems that some airlines already have pax flying after 1 day. On my “flights departing soon” page, there are no pax listed for flights I have operating 2 days out. Hopefully the loads change after another day or two.

I just tried that. Hopefully it works. This is weird, I always had one or two pax on routes to start out with before the reset. I have every route I want to fly on maximum route marketing, plus overall marketing. Still empty planes.

  1. Removed the 10% demand bonus for routes where an airline is the sole operator.
    This might be the reason it’s in the change log.

I guess that 10% makes a difference.

I have also seen my flights flying with no passengers. is it an ongoing issue since the latest restart??

Without any and good enough reputation and/or route awareness you will not get PAX this is normal and by design, just fly the route for a while, and build up route awareness and get your reputation sorted (aim for 100%)