Version 1.2 | Game Reset

A full game reset has occured. Full changelog below:

  1. Fixed countries with special characters in their names not selectable as HQ when starting a new airline.
  2. Fixed incorrect delivery dates when leasing more than 5 aircraft at once on your first order.
  3. Corrected Embraer ERJ model naming scheme, which resulted in broken image links.
  4. Removed the 10% demand bonus for routes where an airline is the sole operator.
  5. Removed Mitsubishi SpaceJet from the game.
  6. Updated used market spawn probability for all aircraft based on real world data.
  7. Changed spawn rules for used aircraft as follows:

a. Game will not spawn used aircraft introduced less than 1 year ago (previously was 10 years).
b. Spawn probability for aircraft introduced within the last 5 years will be 1/10th that of all other aircraft.

  1. A320ceo, A330ceo, and 737NG aircraft are no longer orderable (production has ended).
  2. New airlines now start at a B- credit rating instead of being forced to CCC+.
  3. Lease limit for B- credit rating increased from $5.5M to $6M.
  4. Income tax rate reduced from 20% to 15%.
  5. Implemented a tiered revenue tax:


  1. Berlin TXL and SXF airports have been removed and replaced with BER. Passenger and cargo statistics from TXL and SXF have been combined and merged into BER.
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Hope to see alliances again as in Cyberairlines and connecting passengers soon. Thank you Unknown98! :heart_eyes: