Used planes bought abroad

I bought a couple planes from the used market, one’s based in Dalian, China, the other is based in the Philippines somewhere. How can I ferry them to CLE so they can make money? Thanks in advance.

I’m assuming they don’t have the range to make the flight nonstop, so you’ll have to ferry them to intermediate airports. Just keep in mind that although the aircraft may be able to land at an airport with a short runway, it might not be able to fly out. Always check the runway requirements.

I used this website to figure out the best way to ferry the aircraft: Draw a circle with a radius on a map

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I’m working on two plans, one conservative, using the 727’s max payload range; and the other ambitious, using more of the “absolute” max range of the 727 (still giving myself a 300-mile cushion).
Conservative routings:

Ambitious routings:

It would be nice if the various algorithms would automatically plan that route. For example, choose transfer to CLE from DLC (or LGP), and the program plans the various technical stops automatically.

Yeah, automation would be nice. But you can use the absolute max range, the game only shows airports within the range.

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Yeah, I didn’t know it would do that. Calculations would have been a lot easier. Just figured it would automatically “file” the flight plan.

Working fine for me. :man_shrugging:

Funny you should mention automation, when this game first started you had to manually do flights. (The transfer feature is what is left of it.) The initial plan was to keep this but in the end the community wanted automatic flights so here we are.

I don’t think automation of the transfer feature is needed and I doubt it will happen. It’s kinda fun in my opinion to plan this. Just a year ago or so you also had to own gates at the airports you planned to fly through so this is much improved.

As long as you know basic world geography it doesn’t take much time. I usually just click the arrow to see all my options and choose one of the furthest, or what makes sense to where it needs to go. As long as the runway is long enough (I personally only go through international airports) off it goes. Not the most efficient but it works.


That’s essentially what I do too.

Glad we don’t have to do manual flights, tbh. I can’t play everyday so it’s nice that it will just run without me. However, would be nice to have something to discourage massive airlines. :man_shrugging: Oh well lol.

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To answer your original question, I don’t really know how you can make money on ferry flights, as they technically fly empty. You would have to plan out a leg that ends up in your country that you operate in to schedule it as a flight. There is a glitch that will display you made profit on ferry flights, but you can’t really, My suggestion is to fly using the Max range, and then fly a route between two airports that you have gates in and do not deviate drastically from the direct path from the start and destination.

I knew that, what I meant in the OP was “how can I get them to CLE so they can start making money?”

shudders AM4 vibes