Used Aircraft market

Most of Airline are directly leasing aircraft from used market,
Due to it we are not getting opportunities to bid in auctions. Especially new gen aircraft like A320neo, B787-8, B787-9 etc

My suggestion is that we can reduce leasing limit from 200M to 100 or 150M or increase the number of aircraft spanning at used market.

The auction system is there to make the normally less appealing planes somewhat more interesting by offering them at a potential discount of up to 50% depending on bids.

Beside this your suggestion is flawed as it would still not allow you to buy nice planes cheaply, if people cannot lease them they will also want to buy them and will bid against you. In the end the system as a whole is far from complete, but a reduction in lease quota would do nothing, but to slow down the growth of airlines which people are already complaining about is to slow.